Take A Stand–A Volunteer’s Story

On December Thursday 8th, 15 courageous volunteers for the Ryerson Team of Toronto Against Abortion gave of their time to be a voice for pre-born children. Passersby questioned why we’d chose to spend over an hour outside, talking to strangers, on one of the coldest days of the year. This is the testimony from one of our volunteers,  on how taking a stand for truth can change hearts and minds:
“I was not new to the cause, or uninformed. My daughter, Talia is the Team Leader for the Ryerson team of TAA. We had heard the stories, good and bad.
But still, I was not prepared. I was not prepared for the camaraderie of the group. All ages, various backgrounds, but genuinely joined for a cause that takes precedence. A cause that takes precedence over comfort–it was freezing! And a cause that takes you out of your comfort zone.  It’s not easy being the sign bearer that others cross the street to avoid. Or to directly be singled out with a verbal barrage.
I was certainly not prepared for the blessing it was. For the heart-lift when someone gave a thumbs up. For the inner warmth at the whisper from a passerby, I’m with you.
I wasn’t prepared for the conversation with the young woman who wanted a pamphlet because she was “pro-choice” too.  After talking about simple facts of the life cycle of an pre-born child, she realized, “oh, maybe its not okay to end that life.”
Seeing a picture of the remains of a pre-born child killed before birth allowed us to talk about the atrocity of a life cut short. We agreed, despite our differences of viewpoint and conviction that, if the picture was true, something was very wrong with a society that allowed and even encouraged this expression of choice. Before we parted ways, she asked me, “How do I volunteer? This is wrong.”
Choice chain? Not for the faint of heart…but, don’t miss it. Don’t wait until you take an apologetics class or study about how to state your case. Just, volunteer.  Be there. Be present. Hold a sign.
If you don’t know the answers, someone in the group does. You just have to start others thinking about their own questions. Is that really what it looks like? Is that what happens in an abortion…. Is that really okay?
Take a stand, get involved. Take that small step and make a difference…. Saving one life is more than enough reason.”
Email ryerson@torontoagainstabortion.org  to find out how you can be a voice for preborn children  at the Ryerson Campus.

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