2017 Executive Openings: Ryerson Team of TAA

New Executive Roles at Ryerson University

Our team at Ryerson is expanding to include three new executive roles (Assistant Team Leader, Outreach Coordinator, and Communications Coordinator). We’re looking for committed students and community members to help out in different areas of activism and team building. Are you passionate about human rights, and interested in getting involved with the pro-life community?  Your courage, compassion, and conviction could make a huge difference on the Ryerson Campus this year as we continue to defend pre-born children.
If you would like to find out more about the Ryerson Team of Toronto Against Abortion, please contact Talia (ryerson@torontoagainstabortion.org)

Openings: January 2017

Assistant Team Leader
  • Organize weekly activism, and connect with Speakers and Pro-life organizations as needed.
  • Implement strategies to most effectively make abortion unthinkable within the Ryerson community.
  • Coordinate with other Executive Team Members, and foster team development.
    Outreach Coordinator
  • Connect and form relationships with other pro-life clubs on campus
  • Help plan and coordinate larger outreach events, such as debates and special speakers
  • Use social media and our blog to reach more people with the truth about abortion.
Communications Coordinator
  • Help plan and facilitate weekly meetings.
  • Reach out to new team members and sign-ups
  • Communicate with team members about team activities, such as weekly meetings and activism.
  • Record Minutes during Executive and General Meetings.
If you’d like to find out more information about, or apply for, any of these roles, email ryerson@torontoagainstabortion.org

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